Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 36 weeks!

This past week was transfers!!

As you guys know, Elder Pettit left us a few weeks ago to work in Fukuoka. He is killing it over there! So I was left in Hiroshima with 2 new missionaries, taking care of 2 areas, and a zone. Sounds like a lot, but really wasn't too bad. The only real problem was that it was very hard to focus on my area, and we just had the 2 baptisms, so now we are down to nothing. We are going to hit it hard this week. 

The new missionaries all came up this past Thursday, which was way cool to see the changes. About a third of our zone changed. The new zone leader's name is Van Alfen. We were together in the MTC. He is another Utah boy which now makes all 4 of the elders from Utah. YOSH! 
Well that's everything exciting, wish me luck on finding new people! :)
Hope everyone has a good week. 

Elder Davies

(this video is how Kyle asked me for new shoes!!...and he sent the used ones home as proof!!)

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