Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 3 (Total, week 22)

Hiroshima - desu

This week we got iPads!! So yes, this email is from my iPad :)

We also got to go on Junkai's with the Zone Leaders! I always learn so
much from them. With them we found 3 Cambodian guys who are Christian.
They came to church this past Sunday and loved it! They said they have
been looking for a Christian church for the past 3 weeks. We
introduced the Book of Mormon to them and they seemed to love it! They
said they want to come to church every Sunday!
We had a total of 5 people at church on Sunday, just between Elder
Cascardi and I, so things were a bit crazy.
Also, just last night we were housing at about 8, and we ran into a
Chinese guy who was baptist. We told him we were Christian and he got
way excited and also said he had been looking for a church to go to.
So right now pretty much everyone we are teaching is not Japanese,
it's pretty funny.

Being out here in Japan is way awesome, I'm loving it! So far it has
been such a great experience, and I have learned and grown so much


Elder Davies

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 2 (Total, week 21)

This week has been very tough. Pretty much all of our appointments didn't go through, we've been way tired, and on top of that it's pretty much been raining nonstop. 
Even though this week has been tough, it has been the best week of my mission. You always learn the most through the hard times. Elder Cascardi has taught me so much, and is constantly helping me with everything. 
We also have a member here who looks exactly like Indiana Jones. We call him Indy Kyoudai. He loves it when you tell him he looks like Indiana Jones. The whole ward here is just awesome! 
Last Wednesday we did our weekly planning at Heywa Coen. It's the Hiroshima memorial park. It was beautiful outside too. During our weekly planning we ran into some Brazilians who Elder Cascardi started talking to. They were WAY interested. They became 2 new investigators for a Brazil mission. We have also ran into a lot of Chinese people lately who have been becoming investigators as well. 
Well, that's pretty much everything! Hope everyone has a good week, and know this church is true. :) 
Love Elder Davies

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 1 (Total, week 20)

So last week we got our transfer calls and I was going to Yonabaru, on the Okinawan island. They called the night before transfers and my call got changed, and the told me I was going to Takasu (Hiroshima) instead. 

These past couple days have been the funnest by far. My new companion is a Brazilian who is going home in a few transfers. He used to be a Zone Leader, and now just a District Leader. He's way experienced and wayyyy nice. 

General conference was this week for Japan, and it was amazing. They focused a lot on marriage though which isn't for me yet ;) We didn't get too much Dendo in because we were so busy, but this week, we plan on working hard. 


Elder Davies

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 10 (Total, week 19)

Yesterday I got to go on splits with Elder Krebs, who came in after me in the MTC. So a transfer 2 and a transfer 1 went out and did missionary work. It was the most fun I've had on my mission this far. We started off by sharing a spiritual thought with a recent convert, and then a spiritual thought with a member who's mom just passed away. It was a very spiritual experience. We then went out and started housing and found a new investigator and 2 PI's. After dinner asked an Eikaiwa student named A if we could do a lesson about our church. We have done some sports activities with him and have become pretty good friends with him. Elder Krebs and I went over to his house, and asked about his background and stuff. It was way awesome, and he said he felt a calm feeling. He said he wants to learn more about our church, so we scheduled another appointment for today. 
This past Sunday we had 9 investigators at church. 5 of them were from my companionship. We now have 3 baptismal dates, and are working on 3 more. Miracles :)

Picture is my friends from Nepal and I. 
Have a good week. 
Elder Davies

From Mom: He got transferred to Okinawa this week!!  Can't wait to hear about it.