Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 34 weeks!

March 27, 2016
Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing good! This last week was crazy
busy! We were finding all week, and didn't see much success honestly.
Right now we are still on the search for investigators, so this next
week we will be continuing to find every day!
One exciting thing this week! I got to go on splits with my last
companion, Elder Campos! He was clear up in a place called Hamada.
About 2 and a half hour bus ride north. It is a lot smaller of a city
then what I'm used to, but it was a blast!

Also if there are people that actually read this, can you reply? Just curious if I should actually put more time into this email or not. :) This week I am tired though, so sorry it is short. 
Anyways have a good week. Remember to pray daily.
Elder Davies

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  1. I read this so please put as much detail as possible into the emails. :D