Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 43 weeks!

This week was awesome!

The koma family is progressing really well. We taught them this past
week before Eikaiwa. We taught them keeping the sabbath day holy. When
we committed them to talk to their bosses about getting Sunday's off,
they said they already had, so they can come to church more often! Way

We went on splits with some other elders In the zone. They live very
far away, and it was very small town.. It was very fun though!

Transfers are this week. I'm going on transfer 10, and my mission is
going by fast. I'm training a new missionary this transfer. Other than
that, not too much changed in our zone.
My love for the Japanese people has grown so much. My testimony has
also grown as well. I know that this is where I'm supposed to be and
that my mission has changed my life forever. I know that Jesus Christ
is my Savior, and I'm doing His work. I hope everyone gets this
wonderful chance of being able to grow so much.

Love you guys!

Elder Davies
(Photo courtesy of a traveling missionary mom!!!)

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 44 weeks!

Sorry guys this week is going to be short, but this past week, we did
tons! There were 2 baptisms in the zone, went on splits with elders in
other areas, zone Pday, and a lot of finding and teaching!
The Koma couple is doing really well, we met with them twice this
past week. The wife and daughter came to church. They are reading and
praying, he is in Alma, and they have a testimony of Joseph Smith!!
Woot!!! They should be getting baptized in February!
That's pretty much it, any questions please ask! Love you guys!
Elder Davies

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 46 weeks!

Hey guys! Hiroshima is a blast! People here are awesome. This area is
very pretty. Things have been crazy this past week with holidays and
trainings. But pretty much to sum it up. Things are going really well
with the zone. It's weird being here and hearing everything that goes
As for my area, Elder Campos, my companion, is amazing. We have been
working way hard, and seeing tons of miracles. Right now, we have 3
BD's. A couple named Koma, they have a 1 year old. They are doing
way good.
Anyways. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years. Love you all!
Elder Davies

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 47 weeks!

Futenma, Okinawa - Countdown, 49 weeks!


We got to go to the Aquarium this week. The 2nd? biggest in the world. It was really cool. We got to see a dolphin show and everything. Really crazy to think that there are that big of fish in the ocean. 

We also had our Military Branch Christmas Party. It was a blast! There were a lot of nonmembers there, and maybe 2 possible new investigators, Jo, and To. It was really good. We did the Haka on stage in front of everybody! I messed up on a part! hahaha. 

This week we had Moto taught. Moto is still progressing desu. Now his date is still January 23rd for baptism. He is doing a lot better, and just got a job, so it looks like he may not be going back home at the end of this month. So his date is still going strong. 

We have a lot of new potentially strong people, but I will fill you more on that next week! 
We have seen tons of success this past week, and this month we should see some sweet miracles! Can't wait! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

Love, Elder Davies

Futenma, Okinawa - Countdown, 50 weeks

So what's happened in the past few days...
Well Thanksgiving was a blast. We got to go to an American's house, and they made us a FEAST. It was SO delicious. We kinda just hung out at their house the entire day, and just laid around. And on Friday we got to go to a Turkey Bowl with a bunch of the Marines. I have been sore since! My body is not used to sports anymore! 

Mmm. We had a training with Kaichou and the AP's. It was on Faith. He raised our expectations for the mission, and being able to see baptisms. It was really cool. And very spiritual. 

We met with Moto again, and had a Recent convert joint. It was good. Moto is doing better. He got a job here, so it looks like he might be staying! So his date for January is still good as of now. 

Honestly, not too much happened this week. 

Have a good week,
Elder Davies

Futenma, Okinawa - Countdown, 51 weeks!

Lets see. What has happened this past week and a half? 

Well last week on Friday, my companion went to the hospital to get surgery on his broken wrist. He was in the hospital for 5 days, so that was fun..? Lots of studies, and sleeping on a tile floor. Learned a lot though! :)

We also had the opportunity to have dinner with the branch president of the military branch. He has 3 adopted kids from Africa, and it was a blast! The kids were hilarious. 

These past couple of days, since Elder Barker can't ride a bike anymore, we have been doing a lot of area book dendou. And visiting all of the former investigators who are of walking distance. 

Today we are going to be going to the Johnson family's house for Thanksgiving. They are in a different ward so I have yet to meet them, but it should be a blast! 

Moto is still doing very good. Last week we gave him a "spiritual journal" to write his feelings and thoughts when he prays and reads. We followed up on it yesterday, and he said it was good. It's easier for him to remember scriptures, and good to look back to when he needs it. The only problem with him right now is that he feels the spirit, but still isn't quite sure whether or not it's the spirit. We have told him to pray about it and ask. Let you know how that goes next week. 

Tai  is still a punk. He wants to know this church is true, but will not, for the life of him, read the Book of Mormon. Says it's too boring. We have given him even small verses to read, and he won't. He comes to church, and prays. But reading the Book of Mormon seems impossible at this point. 

Like I said earlier, we have been doing a lot of area book dendou, and have met a lot of cool people recently. 

Anyways. Hope everyone has a good week. 
Elder Davies