Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 11 (Total, week 30)

Sorry I didn't email yesterday, transfer week is today, so our P-day got switched to Tuesday! 

Well this week my companion is going home, so I'm for sure getting a new companion. It's really sad that we're not going to be companions anymore, but I'm also way excited for this next transfer! We have 3 solid Baptismal Dates right now, and the other companionship has some too. Our area is doing way good right now. We had 11 investigators at church and only have like 50 people in this ward. It was way cool! 

Other than that, we have had a lot of meals with members and a lot of lessons with investigators. I can't remember if I told or not, but we got a referral from another area right next to ours, and he is doing way good. He has a date to get baptized on July 4th. Hopefully all work work out for him. 

Anyways. This next week will be good, so next week's letter will be better!

Have a good week!
Elder Davies

Hiroshima - Week 10 (Total, week 29)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 9 (Total, Week 28)

Nothing new really has happened. We got to watch Meet the Mormons last P-day, and played mafia as a zone! It was way fun! 
We visited a lady in our ward whose name is O Shimai. She has been struggling coming to church lately and staying for all 3 hours, so we went to her house to see how she was doing. She had 2 bags full of treats that she gave to us, and was way happy that we came and visited her. 

We have a less active member that we have been visiting every week since I got here. Her name is E Shimai. She has a son, who is a little more active than her, but still a less active. She got baptized in February, but didn't know anything about the church. She still doesn't know much, but we are teaching her little by little. She has a smoking problem and her house has cockroaches crawling around, which is a little gross... But she has came for the past 3 Sunday's now, and is starting to learn more! And her son is getting close to receiving the Melchizedek priesthood. 

Love you guys! 愛しています。
Elder Davies
デイビーズ 長老

Hiroshima - Week 8 (Total, week 27)

Well, this week was really busy. 
Last Monday we went to an Okonomiyaki factory, which is the famous food from Hiroshima. It was way cool, it showed the history of how they were made, and we got to see all of the sauces being made.
Tuesday the Hiroshima couple came to our house and checked it off for cleaning, and ended up giving us too more futons (sleeping pads). I've slept wonderfully this past week :). 
Thursday we had a training from our Zone Leaders. It was about beginning with the end in mind. They talked about not just getting our investigators to baptism, but helping them get to the temple afterwards. 
Friday we had our last interviews with our Mission President. He goes home at the end of this month. The interviews were good, we just talked about how he was feeling about going home and stuff. 
Yeah. That was pretty much this week. 
I'm doing really good though! I still can't speak the language.. hahaha. But it's coming it's coming! 
How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing good and is healthy! Love  you all! 
Elder Davies