Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 6 (Total, week 15)

Hello everyone

Staying way busy, lots of miracles happen every day.
Our investigator, Na san said he can see himself getting baptized, way exciting! He wanted to see the baptismal font on Sunday! I feel like he is progressing well, and hope he continues to do so. We visit him 2 times a week, always a good visit. Feel the spirit like crazy. You can do amazing things by teaching by the spirit.
Another investigator, Mi san is still reading, and still has tons of questions for us. We are going to get a joint with her next time we visit to help my companion..
Yesterday, we found a sweet investigator named Wa san. He has thought a lot about God, and has some really good opinions about Him. He said that we can come back, so we will be able to visit him this coming week. Can't wait to teach him!
Last week we ate tsukemen. It was by far my favorite meal here this far. So good.

Transfers are this week, we receive our calls today. I can't believe my first transfer is already over.

Be safe.
love you

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 5 (Total, week 14)

How is everyone doing? I hope well. Learning so much out about myself and others out here it's insane. 

Well some really good things happened this week. 
First, one of the investigators, Na san. He has a baptismal date and finally took a Book of Mormon, and is reading. He has been coming to church every week, and we teach him a lesson with a member there. We have also been visiting him a few times throughout the week and have been teaching him. He's an awesome guy, and loves talking. 
Second, we have had several less actives who have been coming back to church, and seem way happy to be there. One of them has cooked us several meals. Japanese people are incredibly nice. I love them. 
Third, another one of our investigators, Mi san. She doesn't believe in God, and has a very strong opinion in her beliefs. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and committed her to read 1 Nephi Ch. 1, when we went back, she read the first 11 chapters. She had lots of questions, and still doesn't believe anything yet, but it was an awesome answer to our prayers. 
Fourth, on Saturday, after eating dinner with an investigator and a member, my companion and I had about 20 minutes left in the night. We decided to go and do street contacting, after about 5 minutes, my companion got the feeling to visit an old investigator. We prayed, and felt like we should go. We did, and he ended up coming to church for the first time. He had a good experience, and is coming to meet with the Branch President on Wednesday, about another question he has. 
We had many more miracles happen this week, but those were the ones I wanted to share. 

Much love. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 4 (Total, week 13)

Weeks are going by way too fast now. It felt as if I got to Japan yesterday. The best part about Japan, oddly, is saying "hello" to people, they always laugh and yell "heddo" back. 

We finally went to get sushi at a place called sushiro. It was amazing. Best sushi I've ever had :) 

Our Eikaiwa this week went a lot better than normal, we had about 10 people show up, compared to that 3-4. Hopefully we can get a lot of people there these next few weeks. We are also going to start playing a weekly sport to try and get investigators to come. Hopefully not soccer though. Last Friday we had a Ping Pong tournament/tacos, Japanese people know how to put mad spin on a ping pong ball. I didn't win.... but it was way fun! 

The members here are the best. They're all so nice it's incredible. They invite us out to eat, and give us food all the time. I'm gaining way too much weight out here. 

We invited one of our investigators to receive baptism on the 14th of next month. He didn't really give a solid answer, he pretty much said if he believes by then, then he will. Hopefully all will go well. The other investigator with a baptismal date is doing pretty well. His friend, who referred him, is in the bishopric. We will see how it goes. 

2 Less actives came to church on Sunday, along with 3 of our investigators. It was a good day, until I got sick, and decided to go rest for a bit. 

Another Less active, who we committed to pray, called us the other day, and told us she did. :) 

We are going to Kumamoto this Tuesday, for meetings. I will be able to see a few of my doki while there, so way excited for that. 

Hope all is well. 



PS it was my moms birthday in case anyone was wondering :) happy birthday mom :)

This is the only pic I got this week!  Second "broken" shirt!!
(So glad I purchased everything at Missionary Mall, 
everything is guaranteed and they will ship it to him!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 3 (Total, week 12)

 Well there is just not enough time to write everything out.
We got a lot of investigators this week, hopefully they will start to progress soon. They all say, "We're not going to join your church, but we will listen" HA we will see. We also had 2 Junkai's this week, where we went and did splits with other people in our district and also where the zone leaders come and do splits with us. I learned tons. And we did way good. It was awesome. He told me I was "an awesome bin chan". Pretty much saying I'm an awesome green bean. So that's good. All I can do is bear my testimony in Japanese, but hey, I guess that's enough.
 I am starting to be able to pick up a lot of words now.
It's already going by extremely fast. I hope it actually will slow down here soon.


My companion is half Japanese. He was born in Japan, but moved right after he was born. He lived in California. His name is Elder Kakishita. 

A girl in my ward got flown out today to the MTC. She is serving in Hawaii, English speaking, but she can't really speak English. Should be way fun for her!

Hope everyone is still doing well! 
Love you all!

Elder Davies