Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 5 (Total, week 14)

How is everyone doing? I hope well. Learning so much out about myself and others out here it's insane. 

Well some really good things happened this week. 
First, one of the investigators, Na san. He has a baptismal date and finally took a Book of Mormon, and is reading. He has been coming to church every week, and we teach him a lesson with a member there. We have also been visiting him a few times throughout the week and have been teaching him. He's an awesome guy, and loves talking. 
Second, we have had several less actives who have been coming back to church, and seem way happy to be there. One of them has cooked us several meals. Japanese people are incredibly nice. I love them. 
Third, another one of our investigators, Mi san. She doesn't believe in God, and has a very strong opinion in her beliefs. We gave her a Book of Mormon, and committed her to read 1 Nephi Ch. 1, when we went back, she read the first 11 chapters. She had lots of questions, and still doesn't believe anything yet, but it was an awesome answer to our prayers. 
Fourth, on Saturday, after eating dinner with an investigator and a member, my companion and I had about 20 minutes left in the night. We decided to go and do street contacting, after about 5 minutes, my companion got the feeling to visit an old investigator. We prayed, and felt like we should go. We did, and he ended up coming to church for the first time. He had a good experience, and is coming to meet with the Branch President on Wednesday, about another question he has. 
We had many more miracles happen this week, but those were the ones I wanted to share. 

Much love. 

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