Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 33 weeks!

...I've somehow lost week 34 email, I'll try to find it!

Alright. Looks like I will spend a little more time on this, and a bit less time in personal emails. Sorry if my personal one is short, I love reading them, and will make sure I try and reply, but yes, time is short in the mission life :)

Well to start off. This past week, on Monday, we had a Zone P-day at Miyajima, and pretty much the entire zone came. It was like 20 of us missionaries. Everyone in my apartment bought a katana from there as well. It was very fun! 

We have been meeting a lot with our recent converts, the Komarus. They are doing really well, and are planning on going to the temple on April 16th to do baptisms for the dead. And I get to go with them! Hopefully they will get a calling soon and be able to help strengthening the ward here. 

We also had many junkais (splits) this past week with missionaries from other areas. On Tuesday I went on splits with Elder Hansen, who I served with in Futenma and now he is serving in Takasu, and it was interesting to see his dendou style. He talks so everyone in English, and then switches to Japanese. Pretty funny to see some of the peoples faces. 
On Thursday I got to go on splits with Elder Lundberg, from Mihara. He is 3/4 Japanese, but didn't speak a lick of Japanese before the mission. It was fun to be with him as well. He is my district leader, and it was good to see how he goes about things as well. We saw a lot of success and were able to make about 4 potential investigators. 
And on Friday/Saturday we got to go on splits with the elders from Saijo. I got to go with an Elder Colton, who is a BEAST. He got here the same time as Elder Barker who I trained in Okinawa. But he is a solid. missionary. Probably future AP of the mission. We learned a lot from each other, and had a way deep conversation. Way cool. 

This past Friday we had a Zone Conference. Which is where the whole zone gets together along with President and the AP's, and have a big training. It was an awesome experience. I can't really explain why, hard to describe, but it was a very spiritual experience. 

On Sunday, we set a baptismal date with a guy named Shibata Yuuichi. He came to church randomly a couple of weeks ago from finding a chirashi. We hadn't seen him for awhile, so we decided to go visit him again. And yesterday he came to church, and we set a baptismal date with him for 5/14! 

So yeah. That was about our week. Any questions, please ask. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Elder Davies

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