Sunday, June 19, 2016

Yamaguchi - Countdown, 27 weeks!

May 15, 2016

Hello everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes. If you forgot, no worries, I did too. 

This week on Tuesday we had splits with some elders in our zone. One of them is a big boy, and he ate all of our food. Which kinda sucked. Haha. But it was way good! I went with an Elder from American Fork, who has had a bit of a rough mission. Way good missionary, but doesn't seem to get credit for all the work he is doing, at least not from our Mission President. But he is doing good, and will still do the things he needs to do. 

Last Thursday was my birthday, and we got to go proselyting ALL day, which was awesome, cause we haven't had too many of those days. 

This week we met with a lot of people for the first time. We got to share our first message, but most of them said they were okay. They promised that if they meet missionaries again, they would listen to their message though. 
We had a lot of good finding, and found TONS of good PI's. We honestly don't have anyone strong that we are teaching right now, so we are just doing a ton of finding right now. It has been fun. My companion, Elder Hanley, and I are doing really well. He is from Halfway, Oregon. A town of 500 people. But he is normal, don't worry. 

This week was good. Lots of hard work, lots of cool little miracles. 

Love you guys.

Elder Davies

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