Sunday, June 19, 2016

Yamaguchi - Countdown, 26 weeks!

May 22, 2016

Another week gone by! It's crazy to think about how fast time goes out
here. I have come to love my mission so much, and will be sad when
that time comes.

Anyways. This past week has been very interesting. One of the elders
in our apartment got emergency transferred to an area close to
Fukuoka, so we will be in another 3 man! It will be fun though.
Yesterday, the entire mission had the opportunity of going to Fukuoka
and hearing from Elder Cook. It was AMAZING. I think he blew
everyone's minds at the end when he bore his testimony of the Savior.
He mentioned some very, very interesting stuff.
It was really cool to see everyone from my old zone, as well as past
companions and such. We have some amazing missionaries in this

This last week we visited a bunch of our PI's and found 6 new
investigators so far. Pretty cool to see some success from our

Yamaguchi is a good place. It is pretty small compared to my other
areas though. It's been fun. They have things called 足湯 while

means Ashi Yu. They are little hot baths all over the city, but just
for your feet. So we go and sit in those sometimes, and talk to he people
about the gospel sometimes. There is also a college here, and they
have an English program, so there is a good amount of foreigners here
(mainly Indian).

Anyways just thought I would share a bit about my life. Love you!

Here is us

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