Monday, January 19, 2015

Fukuoka - Week 1 (Total, week 10)

 Kyle in Fukuoka Japan! 
 Kyle and his district arrive from the MTC.
 Kyle and his MTC district saying goodbyes at dinner.
Kyle with Brother and Sister Gustafson (Mission President) with the Fukuoka Temple in the background.

Well my address changed:

Fukuoka-Ken Fukuoka-Shi Chuoku
Hirao Josui-Machi 9-16

The first week in the field has been awesome! The food is amazing!! I haven't had the chance to try any sushi yet, but it's definitely on the list to come! The food honestly isn't as expensive as I thought it would be. So that's always a good thing. 

Traveling was nothing extraordinary. But when first arrived at the airport, and a bunch of the office missionaries and the mission president picked us up. After that, we went to the mission home, which is directly under the temple. We stayed there for 2 nights, and had orientation, and some interviews.

On our last night, we went out with an elder and started Dendoing (missionary work). We went and knocked on doors for a couple of hours, and actually found an investigator, which was sweet! After that, Gustafson Kaicho took us out to eat, and then we had Eikawa (English class). After that we finally got to find out who our companions were and where our new zone was.

My first area is Miyazaki. The people here are absolutely incredible. So nice! The ward has about 50-70 people that come to church. The branch president is from Las Vegas, and their whole family speaks English. A lot of people in this area actually speak English, so it makes it pretty easy for me. 

The day consists of waking up, studying for a few hours, lunch, studying for another hour, and then Dendo. We usually have an appointment or 2 during the day, but other than that we are usually contacting, which is extremely fun! I love talking to people, and seeing their reactions when we start talking to them about the purpose of life and such. It's hilarious! 

My companion is awesome. Always smiling, and is a very happy person which makes up for my unhappiness ;). The language is still very difficult, but I'm pushing through! All in all, the mission life is awesome!!

I think these are the new Elders he will be with (he didn't leave an explanation).

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