Friday, December 12, 2014

Week 4 - 12/11/2014

Everyone who has written me so far, I will write you back this week!

FOUR and a half WEEKS TO GO

Well first off, I was made district leader earlier this week! Lot's of responsibility! I feel pretty legit when I take people out and do interviews. They all come from completely different lives than me. I definitely had it nice! Thanks mama :) Not sleeping too well since I've been made it. Kinda sucks being tired all the time, but most definitely worth it! As for the food. Hmm. Lets just say my body isn't handling the food too well! It tastes pretty alright? But I can't wait to get to Japan and have the food there! 
Japanese is still giving me headaches, but learning so much! Nothing has really changed there!
Yesterday we helped with the new people coming in to the MTC, my district was doing the traffic part. We all had walkie talkie's, probably the most fun since I've been out here! And definitely not the best idea to give those to a bunch of missionaries! 
Last Tuesday for the devotional we got to hear Lexi Walker sing! She was amazing!!! And the best part is, she's only 12!! 
MTC is flying by! It feels like I was writing last P-day like yesterday! 

How's the real world? Is it still going? I feel like time has stopped out there since I've been here. Let me know how everyone is doing! 

Elder Davies

Elder Kyle Davies
2005 N 900 E  unit 18
Provo, UT  84604

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