Sunday, January 3, 2016

Futenma, Okinawa - Countdown, 51 weeks!

Lets see. What has happened this past week and a half? 

Well last week on Friday, my companion went to the hospital to get surgery on his broken wrist. He was in the hospital for 5 days, so that was fun..? Lots of studies, and sleeping on a tile floor. Learned a lot though! :)

We also had the opportunity to have dinner with the branch president of the military branch. He has 3 adopted kids from Africa, and it was a blast! The kids were hilarious. 

These past couple of days, since Elder Barker can't ride a bike anymore, we have been doing a lot of area book dendou. And visiting all of the former investigators who are of walking distance. 

Today we are going to be going to the Johnson family's house for Thanksgiving. They are in a different ward so I have yet to meet them, but it should be a blast! 

Moto is still doing very good. Last week we gave him a "spiritual journal" to write his feelings and thoughts when he prays and reads. We followed up on it yesterday, and he said it was good. It's easier for him to remember scriptures, and good to look back to when he needs it. The only problem with him right now is that he feels the spirit, but still isn't quite sure whether or not it's the spirit. We have told him to pray about it and ask. Let you know how that goes next week. 

Tai  is still a punk. He wants to know this church is true, but will not, for the life of him, read the Book of Mormon. Says it's too boring. We have given him even small verses to read, and he won't. He comes to church, and prays. But reading the Book of Mormon seems impossible at this point. 

Like I said earlier, we have been doing a lot of area book dendou, and have met a lot of cool people recently. 

Anyways. Hope everyone has a good week. 
Elder Davies

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