Sunday, January 3, 2016

Futenma, Okinawa - Countdown, 50 weeks

So what's happened in the past few days...
Well Thanksgiving was a blast. We got to go to an American's house, and they made us a FEAST. It was SO delicious. We kinda just hung out at their house the entire day, and just laid around. And on Friday we got to go to a Turkey Bowl with a bunch of the Marines. I have been sore since! My body is not used to sports anymore! 

Mmm. We had a training with Kaichou and the AP's. It was on Faith. He raised our expectations for the mission, and being able to see baptisms. It was really cool. And very spiritual. 

We met with Moto again, and had a Recent convert joint. It was good. Moto is doing better. He got a job here, so it looks like he might be staying! So his date for January is still good as of now. 

Honestly, not too much happened this week. 

Have a good week,
Elder Davies

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