Monday, September 14, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 21 (Total, week 40)

We did service for a less active lady, who is in her 80's. We pulled out a ton of weeds, but it only took maybe an hour tops. She wanted to take us out to eat, but we had an appointment about 30 mins later. She was pretty persistent, and ended up making us go.. Haha. We ended up only getting ice cream and then told her we had to go again. She pulled out sanman, which is equal to about 300$, and tried giving it to us! We kindly told her we couldn't take it, and headed out.

A guy from America came, who served in the Tokyo South mission, and took us out to eat. Way fun, but way weird to talk to real Americans again. Haha!

We also got tickets to be able to go to the World Cup volleyball game. It was America against Japan! We went with our recent convert, and it was a blast! America won of course, but Japan actually but up a decent fight.

We had splits with his zone leaders this week. I got to go with an Elder from Thailand. His name is Elder Chotipairat. We played basketball with Jimmy, our investigator from China, and a few other people. It ended up being me, and American, an elder from Thailand, a Chinese guy, and German guy, and 2 Philippines.  It was really weird being the only American, and speaking in English to each other.

We also ate with a family in the ward yesterday, they fed us TONS of meat! It started off with steaks each, and hen just loaded us with meats! It was sooo delicious.

Our investigator, Mika, is still doing really good. She is coming to church every week, and loves it. We are going to finish teaching her the commandments this week. She is way strong and is really looking forward to her baptismal date in October. 

Transfers are next week though. Hopefully I stay!

Hope everyone has an awesome week! 
Much love,
Elder Davies

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