Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 18 (Total, week 37)

This past week we had transfers. My last companion ended up going home, so I got a new companion named Elder Stennett. He is from Hawaii. But he's white. :) he came to Japan 3 months ago, and is way good at the language. He's a way sweet missionary. We are going to have an awesome transfer.
Our investigators are still doing really well. Jimmy came to church yesterday, and we taught more about baptism. We are probably going to move his baptismal date to September, but he is still looking pretty strong.
We met this other lady, whose Japanese is very hard to understand. We misunderstood a lot of what she said, and we ended up thinking she was crazy. Turns out our Japanese is just really bad, and she ended up coming to church. And she really liked it, so that was a good thing.
Also, while Elder Stennett and I were dendouing a bird attacked us! It was tiny, but it was literally attacking us. Out of nowhere, it just popped out, and started chasing us. Elder Stennett literally ran like 20 yards as the bird was chasing him and had to duck to get out of the way! It was hilarious!
Anyways. That's about it that happened. Love you all.


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