Monday, July 20, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 14 (Total, week 33)

Hi guys! This week went by so fast and so slow at the same time I
don't even know what's going on anymore!
How is everyone? I hope good!
I'm doing really well out here. I have been in my area for a little
over 3 months, and I love it! The members here are so nice, and it has
been such an awesome experience working with them, and to have the
opportunity to see how strong of faith they have.
Yesterday, they had me speak in sacrament meeting. It was a little
rough, considering the topic was family and marriage! Don't worry
though, I didn't cry, mainly cause it was Japanese..
Our recent convert is doing well so far, we have been teaching him the
lessons over again, to make sure he understands everything. We have
been able to find some really cool investigators lately, and they have
been progressing lately, so that's good!
I still can't speak he language. But it's still fun! I can slightly
communicate now, so now I won't die if I'm stranded.. Haha jokuu.
We had splits this past week, and I went with an elder who is younger
than me. It really tested my Japanese, but it was good to do it. I
could see what I needed to work on more.
Nothing else really happened this week, still healthy, still moving,
still working.
Hope everyone is doing the same,, have a good week!

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