Monday, July 20, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 13 (Total, week 32)

Hi guys!
Finally met the new President! He is awesome!! He works for Lagoon,
and helps make roller coasters. We only had a 5 minute interview with
him, but it was still way awesome. And the spirit that surrounds him
is amazing!
We also got our training for area books on the iPads, so we should be
using those soon, which will be way nice!
Kawamura had his confirmation done yesterday, by Elder Gorski. He is
one transfer older than me, and was way nervous! But he did good. It
was way cool.
This past week we have met a lot of cool people! One person we met
yesterday was a guy from Portugal. We communicated through Japanese,
and found out that he was a member of our church when he was 18. He
said he was only in it for 3 years, and later found out that in those
3 years, he served a mission! California! It was crazy! Now he is in a
different Christian church, and is married to someone in that church.

Anyways. Love ya miss ya
Elder Davies

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