Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 7 (Total, Week 26)

I stayed in Hiroshima, with my same companion, so it didn't even feel like a transfer went by. This transfer is only 5 weeks long, since our Mission President is going home. My companion is also going home after this transfer, so we will see how he is ;) 

Nothing too crazy happened this week. I'll tell you a little about our Cambodian investigator. He is about 35. He has 6 younger siblings. He came to Japan so he could support them. He works everyday from 6am-6pm, except Sundays, and makes 750 yen an hour. Which is about $7. He is the kindest man I've ever met, and I have never heard him complain about anything. It's definitely eye opening to see people like this in the world, and become part of their lives. Anytime I feel like I want to complain, or if I'm sick, or feel like not working, I think about people like this. I hope this can help you guys this week. 

Love you guys. 

Elder Davies

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