Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 5 (Total, week 24)

This week has gone by crazy fast. This past week we finally found some good investigators. We have done a ton of dendo this past week, it has been the most contacting I've done on my mission so far. 
This past week we were housing and ran into a big drunk Japanese guy. He was bigger than me. He came out and told us to leave and then walked us out of the building very angrily, he looked as if he were about to beat us up the whole time. And no offense but my companion isn't be biggest kid, it was scary. 
We also tried basketball dendo this week, and went to a sports center place and played basketball. We met a bunch of teenaged kids, and made friends with them. We invited them all to Eikaiwa. It actually felt normal talking to them, and not like I was a robot missionary. 
This transfer is almost over and it's insane. This past week for my birthday a family in the ward made a cake for the May birthdays. They had a piece of chocolate that looked like me on it, and they sang happy birthday to me. It was an awesome birthday :) 
Happy Mother's Day everyone :)

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