Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 4 (Total, week 23)

Hmm.. not too much crazy happened this week. 
We had another training this last Friday by an elder who is dying in our mission. He had a lot of good dendo tricks that we could apply into our missionary work, like when to find, when to have lessons,
etc. it was way convenient.  Having an iPad is way useful, but can get very distracting at times. Hopefully all the missionaries (including me) will be able to stay focused on the work and not get taken over.
This week we met a really nice family. Their daughter is in her lower 30s and is handicapped, and they are retired and take care of her. The dad is super nice and was way happy to see us. The daughter likes English, and used to come to our Eikaiwa. We talked with them for a bit and after the dad told us to come back anytime. We visited them again later in the week, just planning on talking with the girl, but she was distracted by a video game, so we ended up talking with the dad, he asked a lot about our church, and we taught him the whole first lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon. 
We did a ton of finding this past week, and didn't really get to teach all that much, hopefully all this hard work will soon pay off, if not, looks like I'll have to work a bit harder :)
Love ya
Elder Davies

Kyle’s companion, Elder Cascardi wrote a little bit this week also:
Thank you so much for the prayers. When we are really tired, sometimes
strength comes suddenly and every time that happens I fell it's
because everyone is the world is praying for us right now.
Thank you

This is "Indy" as in Indiana Jones.....haha

Elder Davies and Elder Cascardi with a couple primary children.

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