Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 2 (Total, week 21)

This week has been very tough. Pretty much all of our appointments didn't go through, we've been way tired, and on top of that it's pretty much been raining nonstop. 
Even though this week has been tough, it has been the best week of my mission. You always learn the most through the hard times. Elder Cascardi has taught me so much, and is constantly helping me with everything. 
We also have a member here who looks exactly like Indiana Jones. We call him Indy Kyoudai. He loves it when you tell him he looks like Indiana Jones. The whole ward here is just awesome! 
Last Wednesday we did our weekly planning at Heywa Coen. It's the Hiroshima memorial park. It was beautiful outside too. During our weekly planning we ran into some Brazilians who Elder Cascardi started talking to. They were WAY interested. They became 2 new investigators for a Brazil mission. We have also ran into a lot of Chinese people lately who have been becoming investigators as well. 
Well, that's pretty much everything! Hope everyone has a good week, and know this church is true. :) 
Love Elder Davies

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  1. Keep posting, I love the updates

    Grandpa Bob