Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hiroshima - Week 1 (Total, week 20)

So last week we got our transfer calls and I was going to Yonabaru, on the Okinawan island. They called the night before transfers and my call got changed, and the told me I was going to Takasu (Hiroshima) instead. 

These past couple days have been the funnest by far. My new companion is a Brazilian who is going home in a few transfers. He used to be a Zone Leader, and now just a District Leader. He's way experienced and wayyyy nice. 

General conference was this week for Japan, and it was amazing. They focused a lot on marriage though which isn't for me yet ;) We didn't get too much Dendo in because we were so busy, but this week, we plan on working hard. 


Elder Davies

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