Monday, March 7, 2016

Hiroshima (East) - Countdown, 38 weeks!


Monday - Just Dendou.

Tuesday - Same, Elder Pettit in my apartment got called to AP so I am now taking care of the zone training 2 missionaries, and taking care of 2 areas by myself for the next 2 weeks. It is very busy, but a lot of fun at the same time.

Wednesday - Just Dendou then Eikaiwa

Thursday - Said Bye Bye to Elder Pettit. Had Weekly Planning as a 3 some, and learned about all of the inv's in the Hikari area. We then went and started dendouing, and visited members. The Tanaka family. They are the best!! When we visited them, they gave us referrals (which are rare in Japan). Then more dendou. 

Friday - Dendou

Saturday - Saturday was CRAZY. Right when we woke up, we went and ate at the Kunz (Americans from Utah working in Japan) family's house. DELICIOUS. then at 10:30 we had a lesson with the Komarus. I had the 2 new missionaries teach it to them, and I helped just a little. It went well. Then at 11:30 we had to bike real fast to the mall, and ate with a Vietnamese guy named Pham. He was an old investigator, but was suddenly dropped. Right after that, we got on a train and rode 45 minutes up north, to a way small town. We taught a lady named Irene. She is from the Philippines and has a sister who is a member. She is 30 and has 2 kids. Her husband is 60, and Japanese. She really wants to quit smoking and drinking, and when we promised her she could quit, she was very happy. We set a baptismal date with her for April 2nd. So we will see how that goes. We then came back to Hiroshima, and went straight to a Chinese member's house to eat at 5. That was amazing as well. We shared a message and asked each one of them to bear their testimonies on how they came to know that Jesus Christ was their Savior. The spirit was felt. We then went to visit the Tanaka family's referral. They invited us in, and we just built a strong relationship with them. Went very well, got their contact information, and they agreed to hear the lessons even though they "dont have interest". then more dendou.

Sunday - A guy named Kimu, who elder Pettit taught, got confirmed this past Sunday. It was very good. Attended ward council after church.. then dendou. 

All in all it was a good week. Saw lots of little miracles, and met a lot of cool people this week. 

Hope everyone has a good week


Elder Davies

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